Why Choose Palmer School Of Excellence?

Palmer School of Excellence is 5 stars rated by parents and children alike. Our commitment to providing boys and girls with the chance to develop their football, personal, social and sporting skills means your child has an incredible opportunity to unlock their full potential here at PSOE. 

Your child’s welfare and happiness are absolutely central to everything we do from the structure of our coaching programme to our new operating procedures in the context of coronavirus (COVID-19).

How will your child will benefit?

Perks of being a player at team PSE


It is widely known that it is important for children and young people to stay fit and healthy for our general health and wellbeing in both mind and body. Get fitter the fun way with PSE.

Improve social skills

When playing as part of a team learning children can learn how to communicate with each other and with adults such as coaches and referees whilst understanding rules and boundaries.

Improved Communication

To be successful on the pitch a team must work well together which means communicating with each other when playing and passing the ball.


Joining a team will give the child a change to forge friendships with their team mates that can last a lifetime. Social support is often associated with higher positive emotions, a sense of personal control and self-esteem.

Build self-confidence

Exercise is great way for children to gain confidence is doing something that they love with their friends. When a child is part of a football team they can develop a strong, lasting friendships.

Increased Energy

Playing sport regularly will generally give a child more energy, which in turn can lead to greater stamina and physical ability and improved mental agility.

Building the parent/child bond

Football is an opportunity to share something that both children/siblings and their parents all love, thus promoting the importance of a ‘family’ unit and support.


A huge part of resilience is building children’s belief in themselves. Anything that strengthens their problem solving skills will nurture a child’s resilience.

Safety First

Our Coronavirus Protocols

After months of uncertainty and disruption this year, we are back! Here to bring some normality and joy back to our kids through football.

The Palmer Programme

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