PSOE™️ Ball Mastery Matt®️


PSOE™️ Ball Mastery Matt®️ is a unique training aid that with practice and training allows you to improve your ball mastery technique, perfect your balance and boost coordination.

Have fun, keep fit and practice your footwork – this matt will help players to develop their skill, agility and fitness.


What Is Ball Mastery?

Ball mastery is the practice of technical routines in a tight amount of space which allows you to get literally hundreds of touches on the ball in a short amount of time. The practice challenges players to control and manipulate the ball with all the different surfaces of their feet.

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How to use

Simple to learn and easy to use! Simply scan our QR code (provided with matt) to access drills that mimic natural ball mastery skills used on the pitch. Work through the skill levels and compete against your friends.

Practice anywhere! This lightweight and compact matt can be used anywhere without needing huge amounts of open space.


How a ball mastery matt benefits a player

Trains coordination and fast footwork

Teaches you technical ball control with both feet

Enhances fine motor skills and reflexes

Improves your Ball Mastery technique, fitness, agility and balance

Builds self-confidence on the ball

Strengthens ligaments, tendons & leg muscles

Motivates you to be the best you can be

Unleash your creativity! Master your craft.


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